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Mobile Phone Services

GCU Mobile is a No Contract, Domestic US, Bring Your Own Phone, Mobile Services company. If you value Freedom and Choice, GCU Mobile is for you! Forget long contracts and upgrade fees. Bring your own unlocked phone and enjoy our incredible customer service and deep discounts!

Our Lead Offer
$39/mo, Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

Switching is Easy!

  • Hassle-Free and Low Cost
  • No contracts, No Risk
  • Keep your phone number if you want to
  • Keep your eligible phone
  • Great Coverage
  • Personal Customer Service located in the USA

Mobile Plans Available

$29/mo, Unlimited Talk and Text and                                     2GB Data*

*After you use your data allotment there will NOT be overage charges, your speeds will simply be decreased to 3G

$39/mo, Unlimited Talk, Text and Data

Includes the ability to use your phone as a Mobile Hot Spot 
  • Add a Wearable for $15/mo
  • Add a Tablet for $29/mo

Our Guarantee

GCU is the first locally owned and operated business phone service that's headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Gulf Coast Utilities, along with our sister company, Southwest Utilities, have specialized in selling communications services for more than 35 years.

GCU is the only telecommunications company with live 24/7 customer service. We do not have an automated answering system!

GCU operates from an innovative and lean business model designed with one purpose... to save you money!

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